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Advisory Panel

Individuals that make up an Integral Part of A4E

Sarit Cahana, a person on the Advisory Panel, wears a multicolored overcoat and laughs at the camera.

Welcome to A4E!

“She believed she could, but she was tired so she took a nap instead.”

Sarit Cahana
Anarghya, from A4E's Advisory Panel, wears flower loop earrings and smiles at the camera.

Nice to meet you!

“You can’t blend in if you were born to stand out.” - R.J. Palacio from Wonder

Ananya, from A4E's advisory, smiles at the camera and is standing against a wall.

Help us make a difference!

Ananya Mishra
What role does the Advisory Panel play in A4E?
The Advisory Panel is the most indispensable organ to A4E on information about disabilities, accessibility development, and other concerns. While invitations are open to all, recruitment for panelists will focus on individuals with lived experience. A4E commits to seeking feedback and consulting with persons with disabilities on all initiatives. A4E established an Advisory Panel of experts and advocates to provide ongoing input and create a forum for dialogue, even within A4E, to help make the digital community more accessible to everyone.
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