We are a youth initiative for accessibility based across the world.

Meet The Team

The A4E team is composed of people committed to making the world completely accessible. We believe that accessibility is a fundamental right and actively work to make disability inclusivity a pillar by which the world stands by. We are passionate youth changemakers taking on inaccessibility.

An image of Manasvi Baheti

Manasvi Baheti

Manasvi melds their academic pursuits at Savitribai Phule Pune University with a profound commitment to creating an inclusive society. With a solid educational foundation and a dedication to A4E's core principles, Manasvi actively champions the cause of inclusivity and accessibility. Their contributions to A4E play a pivotal role in amplifying the organisation's message and striving for a world where everyone is seen, heard, and valued.

An image of Manasvi Madhumohan

Manasvi Madhumohan

Manasvi unites their legal acumen with their dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. Pursuing their legal studies at Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Manasvi's interests lie in Dispute Resolution, IP Laws, and International Law. Their extensive experience, from legal internships to editorial roles, solidifies their commitment to justice and equality for all and resonate with A4E's vision.

An image of Akshit Anchan
Board Member

Akshit Anchan

Akshit brings a rich tapestry of skills from programming, operations, quality management to leadership. Their experiences, from being a creative developer to a data storyteller, reflect their commitment to leveraging technology for social impact. Akshit's dedication to fostering inclusivity extends from their professional endeavours at Cogny to their impactful contributions at Sakshi. Their passion for creating inclusive spaces aligns seamlessly with A4E's mission.

An image of Anushka Chakraborty
Board Member

Anushka Chakraborty

Anushka is a vivacious psychology student with proven expertise in operations, media, and event management. Their journey, from interviewing renowned disability rights activists to bringing their perspectives to a broader audience, resonates with A4E's vision. Having been honoured as a Champion Scholar at the World Scholars' Cup, they continuously merge their academic insights with their drive to make society more inclusive and welcoming.

An image of Arnav Ramaiya
Board Member

Arnav Ramaiya

Arnav has showcased impeccable interpersonal and public speaking skills throughout their academic journey. Being a student at Heriot-Watt University, their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident in their dedicated contributions to A4E's mission. With a passion for communication and an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences, Arnav embodies the organisation's vision for a barrier-free world.

An image of Brinda, the co-editor-in-chief
Board Member

Brinda Banerjee

Brinda Banerjee stands at the intersection of academia and advocacy. Merging their educational endeavours with their dedication to A4E's overarching vision, they are a fervent proponent of accessibility and inclusivity. Recognising the transformative power of education in effecting societal change, they utilise their role to ensure diverse voices resonate within the community.

An image of Rue
Board Member


Rue combines their expertise in content writing and editing with their passion for accessibility and inclusivity. As a student at University of Michigan, their academic journey enriches her contributions to A4E. With a commitment to championing equal access and opportunities, their efforts align seamlessly with the organisation's mission and vision.

An image of Snehal Dasgupta
Board Member

Snehal Dasgupta

Snehal combines their ardor for economics and mathematics with a deep-rooted commitment to inclusivity. His experiences from high school in Model UN as well as the World Scholar's Cup have provided him with enriching experiences for working at Access For Everyone. At the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, he is involved in key leadership positions in the Student Body and works actively on initiatives at the university, providing him with a unique multidisciplinary perspective. Snehal's diverse skills, from graphic designing to research, enhance A4E's efforts in raising awareness about disability and pushing for a more inclusive digital landscape.

Our Values

We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We respect and seek out inclusion, realizing we can learn from each other. We insist on a culture of respect, and recognize that words and actions matter. The absence of action and words also matter. We believe in the freedom of speech, and encourage the civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions.

We all share in the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all. Each member of A4E should be a role model for others. We take action when we observe someone being treated unfairly or in a demeaning manner.


Diversity of ideas and people.

Diversity of thought and people is understanding that the way each person interprets and interacts with the world is reflective of their unique identity, culture and personal experiences.


Prioritizing mental health and well-being.

We encourage our people to focus on their mental-health and well-being, and explore ways to create the healthiest environment for our volunteers, where they thrive and feel seen, fulfilled, productive, and supported.


Effecting change by inspiring people.

The most rousing social justice campaigns in the world have triumphed through adversity, and so we aim to do the same. We remain inspired by those who use their lived experiences to educate and empower.