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Making Accessibility a Reality

Join us as we take bold steps to make the world more inclusive.

We want to make a change, today.
We're a youth initiative passionate about making a difference in the world by building a society that is more accessible and inclusive. We intend to do this through informative posts, awareness campaigns, and interesting conversations!
A4E is, more than anything, a community; a community where disabled voices are heard and amplified; a community where allies learn about the side of disabled lives hidden from the world; a safe space where you can be yourself.
% of the world's population lives with some form of a disability
% of screen reader users feel that web accessibility is getting worse
% of the world's top websites don't offer full digital accessibility
Million people around the world have some type of colour blindness

Our Initiatives

A Wide Variety of Initiatives to Fulfill our Mission

Awareness Campaigns

We conduct campaigns to educate individuals and boost public awareness about disabilities and accessibility guidelines.

Engaging Competitions

Showcase your talents in our competitions where we create a platform to support budding artists and rising influncers.

Intriguing Events

Join Access for Everyone as we hold our digital events to celebrate the achievements of the disabled community.

Informative Posts

A4E plans on covering every topic related to accessibility, from A to Z, in the form of engaging posts.

Accessibility Guidelines

We aim to provide and endorse the active use of comprehensive checklists and guidelines to improve accessibility in all spheres.

First-person Perspective

A4E is led by a passionate team working under the advice of members of the disabled community, while ensuring them a platform to speak their mind.